Technique, Forms, & Kata

Suburi Timing

Here is a very short movie clip displaying three different ways you can 'time' your suburi, specifically with regards to the timing of your shinai in relation to your feet. The three different versions are a rough benchmark for techniques to be used at beginner, intermediate, and advanced level kendo. The "advanced" timing is the one we must strive for in our keiko, but it is also to be used during the kata and the kihon bokuto waza.

Kendo no Kata and Their Effects on Kendo

This article, written by Sensei Morito Tsumura, Kendo 8th Dan, Hanshi, discusses the effect of meaningful practice of Kendo no Kata and the Kihon Bokuto Waza on Kendo.


Is Learning Fumi-Komi Really So Hard?

This article discusses a somewhat non-traditional method for learning fumi-komi.


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